Does Rain Affect Your Air Conditioner?

Date: 2022-08-03

Does Rain Affect Your Air Conditioner?

There are many concerns about how the elements can affect the air conditioner. The short answer to the question "Does rain affect my air conditioning unit?" is "No." Rain has no effect on your air conditioner, whether it is a central system or an outdoor unit. A little rain can actually be beneficial, but there is more to the story, let’s look into this in detail:

  1. Heavy Rains are not a problem for outdoor  units

Even if it rains heavily, the outdoor unit will not be harmed  or damaged. The external unit of Midea Air Conditioner is made of extremely durable materials that have been designed to withstand harsh conditions such as rain, hail, and sun.

Midea Brezeless Air Conditioners, which have been professionally designed keeping the AC unit safe and has longer lifespan, hence making it the best option.

  1. Rain will not cause rust unless… 

New Midea Breezeless outdoor unit will not rust if it gets wet in the rain. The metal fins of Midea Breezeless AC system allow air to circulate inside it, drying out any moisture. However, improper off-season covering can cause corrosion of certain components. 

Only during extremely strong storms, such as hurricanes, should you cover the condenser to prevent damage from wind-blown debris. Something strong, such as plywood, should be secured with the power turned off for this purpose, and it should be removed immediately after the storm. Otherwise, simply keep the condenser clean and rinse the dirt out on a regular basis.

Although covering the unit can protect the painted cabinet from weathering and keep debris from falling into the vents, it is not required if you are simply trying to keep your unit dry. If you're worried about sticks and leaves accumulating inside your AC unit, you can get special covers from the manufacturer.

However, please remember that you should not cover your unit with a plastic tarp or a garbage bag. Plastic traps moisture inside, causing rust, mold, and mildew and possibly causing the unit to fail sooner.

  1. Rain improves indoor air quality.

Rain has no direct effect on Midea Breezeless AC units, but it does improve the quality of your indoor air. When it's raining, using Midea Breezeless air conditioners is a good way to reduce humidity levels, as it has the humidity control feature and you can easily track it by your Mobile Device. Moisture is condensed as air passes over the indoor evaporator coil. When the sun shines again, the PVC tubing drains it, causing the air to dry.

  1.  Rain improves performance.

Rain assists in cooling the coils and washing away any dust that has accumulated on them. Clean coils allow adequate airflow to cool coils down faster, improving the performance and efficiency of the air conditioner. Midea Breezeless AC already has Automatic self-cleaning, so you should worry about cleaning the AC. However, for commercial systems, it is recommended to have your HVAC systems professionally cleaned at least once a month during peak seasons and at the start of each season.

  1. Rain washes away any debris lodged in outdoor units

Don't be concerned about getting the electrical components wet; any electrical wiring, such as that used in the condenser coil, will be insulated from wet or rainy conditions. And rain actually washes away any debris that had become lodged in outdoor units.

Now, if rain has no harm on your Air Conditioning system then, 

What can harm the air conditioning system?

1. When there is a flood

It goes without saying that a flood can cause significant property damage. Heavy rain can also submerge a portion of the condenser if it is not properly protected, causing damage to your system. 

2. Wind damage

Heavy rains and strong winds can blow leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris into your air conditioner and damage the condenser fan grille. After a storm, we recommend giving your outdoor unit a thorough cleaning. Lightning strikes and power outages can also cause significant damage to the AC unit, so turn off your system to minimize damage caused by a power surge.

How to Keep Midea Breezeless Air Conditioning System Safe

  • During a storm, turn off your system.

  • After a storm or flood, have your system inspected by a professional.

  • After heavy rains and winds, thoroughly clean your outdoor unit.

  • Clean and maintain your air conditioning system once a month during peak seasons and once at the beginning of each season.

  • During the off-season, use a commercial air conditioner cover.

Look no further than Midea Breezless Air Conditioners  for year-round comfort solutions. Midea Breezeless unit’s hardware is designed for durability, from the materials it is made from to the wau the AC unit actually works. 

We, at Air Experts Nepal, provide the World-Class Midea Air Conditioner that you want to keep your unit in top condition, which is why we are so concerned. We not only provide the best AC in Nepal but also offer professional air conditioning service for Midea Air conditioner, so you can rely on our dependable technicians to meet your AC needs.