Who We Are

Who We Are

Being the most preferred air conditioning company in Nepal, we acquire our systems from globally esteemed manufacturers such as Midea and Mitsubishi. Along with modern technology of these systems, we also diligently work towards technically educating and training our most valuable asset, our staff. Our team of competent and trained experts continuously work from new installation to AC repair with highest quality professionalism to deliver a comfortable, accountable, innovative and truly reliable service.

The quality of our life largely depends on our surroundings which is the temperature, humidity and indoor environment. A perfect balance of the 3 will give you a comfortable and complacent environment. However, it requires great knowledge of heating, cooling and indoor air quality. Therefore, we at Air Experts vow to cater to the special requirements of each customer and deliver high standards of service within the budget, without sacrificing on quality.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Solution

Air Experts has the expertise to understand the special requirements of each customer.

Service Support

Air Experts has an excellent team of a competent and trained team of technical experts to provide prompt and efficient after-sales services to its valued customers.

Unmatched Engineering

The performance of an air-conditioning system depends on the way various components are put together.

Message from Managing Director

Message from Managing Director

Air Experts has now built a social business foundation coupled with product leadership. Further, we have been able to gain the trust and confidence of our clients and now focus on exceeding their expectations with the highest level of excellence and commitment. We pursue holistic adaptability to competitive markets in order to provide innovative products and services and walk on the path of continuous improvements. We target at exploring the latest technologies to keep our clients at the leading edge.

Air Experts chooses its team carefully to provide our customers with the most effective solutions and friendly services. We would be delighted to work with you and bring service to life.