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  • Dehumidifying capacity up to 50 l/day
  • 6 l water container volume
  • MIDEA dehumidifier functions: timer and display

The Midea MDDP-50DEN7 50l/24h Air Dehumidifier is a practical tool that can easily help you with unpleasantly humidity in your apartment or house, which may cause condensation on the walls and subsequent mould growth. This generally worsens your health and may cause a number of respiratory illnesses. This portable MIDEA air dehumidifier works for all types of apartment and household areas with a total area up to 116 m2. Its superb performance is showcased by its dehumidifying capacity of 50 l/day. The 6 l dehumidifier condensate tank is large enough for long-term use and doesn't need to be monitored. Another advantage is its moderately quiet operation at 58.9 dB, indicating that you can easily turn it on without a care when you're at home.

The Midea MDDP-50DEN7 50l/24h is equipped with an automatic timer, which gives you the option to to set the operating time of the dehumidifier as you wish. Another benefit is the sharp and easy to read integrated display that allows you to choose from the device's functions.

  • Dehumidifying capacity up to 50 l/day
  • Recommended room area of 116 m2
  • 6 l water container volume
  • MIDEA dehumidifier functions: timer and display

Dehumidifying capacity - 50 l/day

Recommended room size - 116 m2

Container volume - 6 l

Maximum loudness - 58.9 dB

Weight - 19 kg

Function - Timer, Display

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