The Magical Innovation Like Never Before

Date: 2022-07-06

The Magical Innovation Like Never Before

The Midea Breezeless inverter air conditioner is finally available in Nepal. Midea Breezeless combines cutting-edge technology and a number of modern functions to meet the demands of even the most demanding consumers. What makes Midea Breezeless unique is that it has the seamless Air Flow. Now you can say good byre to icy bite of the traditional AC that directly pokes into your skin. Ultra low electricity is the another best feature of this AC that means it can save upto 80% of electricity consumption. This exceptionally quiet, an eye-catching designed AC is appropriate for residential, commercial or office air conditioning, and its wide working range allows for effective heating and cooling in both low and high-temperature zones.

The dual nano-holes and S-Wing side air vents distributee the even airflow due to the Twin Flap technology. It can adjust the correct temperature within 40 seconds. It is designed  to spread air forward and to the both side. It has the most recent and energy-efficient refrigerant, making it most ecologically friendly choice.  It also has Wi-Fi control feature hence t possible to control the air conditioning system from anywhere in the world using smartphone or tablet.

The Midea Breezeless has energy-saving ECO technology, providing pleasant cooling while reducing energy usage by up to 80%. It also has the night mode, it automatically reduces or raises by  the room temperature by 1 degree Celsius for the first two hours, after which it remains constant. The air conditioner's remote control has a temperature sensor that measures the temperature in the surrounding environment. This feature fine-tunes the room temperature to deliver the desired level of comfort. And the Quiet Mode ensures peaceful slumber and silence. 

The Refrigerant Leakage Detect feature detects the problems by itself and will show the error code "EC" and shut down automatically. The high-density filter collects the finest dust particles in the air and produces cleaner and healthier air than standard high-density dust filters. You can be sure that the air you breathe is always clean and fresh, and the air conditioner will last longer. In the event of an unexpected power interruption, the device will restart keeping your air conditioner safe.

It has the best features to elevate the level of comfort, such as: 

BreezeleSS+ Effect

BreezeleSS+ is equipped with TwinFlap™. The two opposite flaps, with 7,928 micro-holes are designed to turn the airflow into thousands of tiny particles of cool air, softening the airflow to eliminate the feeling of cold air blasts.

Side Outlet

BreezeleSS+ is the first and only split air conditioner with “side outlet”. The S-Wing design allows for outlets on two sides of the unit to work along with the front outlet to disperse cool air. This helps the Breezeless unit to cool down the room more evenly and effectively than conventional air conditioners.

Self Cleaning Outdoor Unit

 At the end of each operation the outdoor unit fan will run in reverse, removing dust to improve efficiency and reduce wear and tear. 

Rapid Cooling

With ultra-high inverter compressor operation speed (65Hz within 6s), ultra-fast fan, and ultra-wide air outlet (70mm), Breezeless can rapidly decrease the room temperature within 60 seconds.

Economic Mode 

This function allows you to enjoy comfortable conditions with significant energy savings in Economic mode vs. Automatic mode. 

Filters and Self Cleaning 

The filters eliminate bacteria, viruses, allergens, dust and bad odours. The self-cleaning function eliminates condensation water and expels bacteria.


Better life. Sweeter dreams. The all-new aerodynamic design of the air duct and fan lets cool air pass through smoothly with minimal friction, resulting in operating noise as low as 20dB. That's as much noise as a growing flower makes. With BreezeleSS+, stay cool, calm, and serene deep into the night.

The new model of Midea breezeles  MSFAAU-12HRFN8 is a new generation air conditioner that will impress you with its innovative technology capabilities, the efficiency of its various energy-saving modes, and stylish design. Find out more about this exclusive model on our product section. And the price of Midea Breezeless Air Conditioner is also very reasonable, it cost 97000 Npr, providing you  the comfort like no any AC can give you.